Pathway To Recovery treatment team

Pathway To Recovery Treatment Team

Dennis McColgin, LCDC, ACC, Owner, CEO

Being raised in an alcohol and drug infested family, I made a commitment that I would never use drugs or alcohol. That commitment did not last long, the first time I drank at age 15 I blacked out, passed out, and ended up in jail. That was just the beginning. Somehow I graduating from H.S. and attended U of H, majoring in phycology. I had a promising career in golf, so I decided to give up my college and turn professional. That lasted a few years until my drinking and drugging progressed to the point I could no longer function as a player or even teaching, which I really loved. After another few years at failed attempts at various businesses and destroying many of my loved ones lives, I gave in to my ego and went to a treatment center for drugs and alcohol. I finally realized that my life was a dead end as long as I was drinking and drugging. At the end of my treatment the Director of the program asked me if I would be interested in becoming a drug and alcohol counselor, 30 years later, here I am. After going back to school and getting a unique degree specifically in drug and alcohol counseling and doing my internship at a chemical dependency treatment center in Clinton, Missouri, I realized I had found my calling. Since coming back to Texas, I have been the Executive Director of the Texas City Men’s Center, the Program Director of Bay Area Recovery Center and now the founder, CEO and President of the Board of Pathway To Recovery. I decided to take my personal experience and working experience to develop a program that will instill hope to the lives of the alcoholic, drug addicts and their families. To treat them with the dignity and respect that they need and to immediately start building their self-worth and esteem, and helping them understand exactly what addiction is and what the solutions are, giving them hope and inspiration in the pursuit of their new lives.

Angleton Facility

Ken Bowman.

Kenneth B Bowman Jr., LCSW, LCDC

Ken is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. He has been with Pathway to Recovery since the beginning of the Company in 1999. He graduated from the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work with Specialties in Mental Health and Substance Abuse.

La Marque, Men's Facility

Lawrence Robinson.

Lawrence Robinson, LCDC

Lawrence is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. He has been a counselor since 2000, working in both inpatient and outpatient settings. He has been with Pathway To Recovery since 2001.

Russell Mai.

Russell Mai, LCDC, AAC

Russell is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and an Advance Addiction Counselor. He has been a counselor since 1989, working in a variety of settings including inpatient, outpatient, and community based organizations. He has been with Pathway To Recovery since 2011.

Steve Davis.

Steve Davis, CI

Steve has been a Counselor Intern and is working on obtaining his LCDC. He has been with Pathway To Recovery since 2008.

La Marque, Women's Facility

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